Mad Honey Infused Chocolates 2000mg



Mad Honey Infused Chocolates 2000mg

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Indulge in Jolly Green Oil’s Mad Honey Chocolate Squares: A Decadent Delight in Every Bite

Discover Unparalleled Bliss: Unveiling our Mad Honey Chocolate Squares, an exquisite blend of premium Himalayan honey and rich chocolate in convenient 500mg squares. Elevate your snacking experience with these delectable treats, each pack containing four squares of pure indulgence.

Decadent Chocolate Harmony: Immerse yourself in the luxurious harmony of rich chocolate and the sweet, floral notes from the Himalayas. Each square is a symphony of flavors, delivering a decadent experience that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

Himalayan Honey Infusion: Our honey is sourced directly from the untouched landscapes of the Himalayan mountains, ensuring the highest quality and unrivaled purity. Infused into every chocolate square, Himalayan honey adds a touch of magic, providing both indulgence and wellness benefits.

500mg of Pure Indulgence: Experience the perfect dose of natural goodness with each chocolate square boasting a generous 500mg of premium Himalayan honey. Whether you’re seeking a moment of relaxation or a sweet pick-me-up, our squares offer pure bliss in every bite.

Premium Quality, Four Times Over: Jolly Green Oil guarantees the finest ingredients in every pack. Our Mad Honey Chocolate Squares are meticulously crafted for consistency, ensuring exceptional taste in each of the four indulgent squares. Trust us to deliver a snack that exceeds your expectations.

Conveniently Packed for Any Occasion: Packaged in sets of four, our Mad Honey Chocolate Squares are the ideal companion for any occasion. Whether you’re treating yourself or sharing with friends, the convenience of these perfectly portioned squares adds a touch of luxury to your snacking routine.

An Experience in Every Square: Jolly Green Oil’s Mad Honey Chocolate Squares are more than just a treat; they’re an experience. Indulge in the extraordinary fusion of flavors and wellness benefits that only our chocolate squares can offer. Elevate your snacking game with the sweet sophistication of Jolly Green Oil’s Mad Honey Chocolate Squares, available in packs of four.

2 reviews for Mad Honey Infused Chocolates 2000mg

  1. Jason W

    If you have never tried Mad Honey, I highly recommend it, this is the first company that I found selling legitimate stuff, I ate two chocolates and was tripping balls for hours! Deff worth it!

  2. Peter J

    Only way to describe the high from these is wonky lol, slight visuals, extremely euphoric, I’m on my 3rd box in 3 weeks I love mad honey

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