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JGO Hemparette


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  • Each Hemparette contains about 0.6 grams of premium top shelf flowers that are grown in Oregon at Mission Lago Farms. They are rolled with all-natural unbleached rice paper and all-natural unbleached filtered tips. For proper preservation and awesome presentation our hemparette’s are stored in a glass like tube with a classy and durable cork top with a tamper proof label stating the CBD content, branding, and legal status.
  • Information about the CBD Flower used in each Hemparette
    • The strain used in our Hemparette’s is called “Otto” which is germinated indoors for its final flowering phase, this is one of Mission Lago’s most premium flowers with virtually zero seeds and a strong terpene profile.
    • When using “Otto” many experience feelings of relaxation and happiness with sleepy and euphoric effects. Many use “Otto” and other CBD flower strains to help relieve inflammation, pain, spasms, stress, and headaches.
    • This product is lab tested and can be found on our Lab Testing Results page available from the main men

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