1500 MG Sublingual Tincture :30ml bottle with drip tip

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This 30 ml glass bottle is packed with 1500 MG of CBD and MCT Oil.

MCT Oil is a fat that can be found in coconut oil that some people use who are looking to lose weight, or boost their endurance.

MCT oil is a “healthy fat” that may help your body achieve Ketosis or the process which your body burns fat for energy

This product is Non-GMO project Verified and 3rd party certified Keto, Paleo and Vegan Friendly

MCT Oil is tasteless and can be substituted with traditional oils.


Shake Well

Place 1-3 drops under tongue.

For best results, hold for 45 seconds before swallowing.


Sublingual use: take orally as drops under the tongue

Ingestion use: Mix or blend with fluids; protein shakes.

Cooking use: Add to pre-cooked meals.

Each 1 ml Dropper provides 50 MG of CBD

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3 reviews for 1500 MG Sublingual Tincture :30ml bottle with drip tip

  1. Chris Gorman

    Even that This is my first time taking CBD I’m very impressed. This tincture has less of a taste than water and is helping me body in so many ways I couldn’t possibly explain all the great changes. Highly highly recommend for everyone. Stop searching the internet for crap that doesn’t work. I back this product 100%

  2. Jill

    Use in the morning and at night. It help take the edge off.

  3. Rayshawn Hollon

    Great. My father and I use this all time. In fact he smokes so much that he’s always neglecting us. Anyways, fantastic product though.

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