What is Ai Formulated?

“AI Formulated” means the product formula was created using Ask Mother Nature, our specialized AI bot. It uses machine learning to analyze vast amounts of botanical information, testing and refining combinations to develop optimal plant-based formulas.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • “AI Formulated” means that our product formulas are developed using Ask Mother Nature, our advanced AI bot. It leverages machine learning to analyze extensive botanical data and test various combinations to create high-quality, plant-based products.
  • AI enhances our ability to process and analyze complex botanical data quickly and accurately, leading to innovative formulations that are both effective and consistent, surpassing traditional methods.
  • While AI greatly enhances our formulation process by providing data-driven insights and precision, it complements rather than replaces human expertise. Our team of experts oversees and fine-tunes the final formulations.
  • Ask Mother Nature is specifically trained in plant medicine, enabling it to process and analyze botanical data with a level of expertise tailored to creating optimal plant-based formulations.
  • Ask Mother Nature is available for free to the public on askmn.ai. We decided to make this advanced tool freely accessible because we believe it can significantly advance the field of plant medicine. By providing open access to Ask Mother Nature, we aim to empower individuals, researchers, and businesses to develop high-quality, effective plant-based formulations, fostering innovation and improving the availability of plant medicine solutions for all.
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